Why train with Evolution Runners?

Do you want to be part of a group of likeminded runners who are striving to run at an event? Do you want to improve your previous time and aim for a PB?  Do you struggle to get motivated and train on your own?  Do you want to take the guess work out of your training and have the support and guidance of an accredited running coach to help you reach your goals? Would you like to be part of our team at your next event?

Coming from a football background, I have always been associated with team sports. Evolution Runners has now become the “team” that I train with since not being able to play football anymore due to injury. The sense of belonging which I had lost since not playing footy has returned and has got the fire burning in the belly to achieve my goals!
— Luke, Ballarat

When do we train?

Group long run sessions held Saturdays at 8am (6:30am during Summer). 

Personalised training plans are available for you to complete on your own anywhere and can be personalised to suit your lifestyle and goals. Contact Coach Louie for a training plan today.

Take the guess work out of your event training.  Join us for a weekly group long run session where we will run a mixture of trail and road courses in and around the Ballarat area.  There will be distance options available to suit the event you are training for.

Group Long Run training sessions
Training with the group has been so much more motivating than training alone....the support and encouragement Lou has given me helped me to achieve my goal of running my first marathon.
— Elise, Ballarat

Join us for your next event.  Click below to see a list of key events.

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