Why Mentoring?

Do you have a running goal that you want to achieve? Do you find the wealth of information out there overwhelming and don't really know what you should do?  Does it seem like training plans just don't fit in with your lifestyle and you don't know how or where to adjust them to work best for you and still achieve your goal? Do you struggle to keep yourself motivated when training on your own and just wish you had someone there to help keep you accountable?

Online mentoring is having your own personal coach, available when you need to give you the advise and support to help you reach your running goals.

For years I had dreams of being able to run a half marathon but had no idea where to start. I contacted Louelle online and we started what has been an amazing journey. With Louelle’s knowledge, support, encouragement and belief in me I have run two half marathons and am currently training for my third.
— Bec, Mildura


  • Bring an existing training plan to Coach Louie and she will personalise it to fit in with your running ability and goals.
  • Receive session ideas and have your training plan set for you by Coach Louie each week as you check-in.

How much does it cost?

From as little as $12 per week* you can become an online member.

*including initial $49 joining fee