Why Project Run?

Do you want to feel better about yourself and improve your fitness?  Do you find it hard to keep motivated training on your own or not sure what you should be doing? Do you feel self –conscious running in a big group with more experienced runners?  Are you struggling with your running and just want to get back to basics? Do you want the personalised support from an experienced coach?

What is Project Run?

Project Run is a beginner running group designed for new and novice runners.  It goes back to basics and focusses on best practice techniques while developing a positive mindset to help you achieve your running goals.

The highlight of Project Run was realising what I was capable of achieving and the personal growth that came with that.
— Sally, Tumut NSW

Why Coach Louie?

I am an Athletics Australia accredited running coach with over 19 years experience as a runner.  Project Run brings together this knowledge and experience. It will take you from where you are and help you to reach your running goals.

The program is conducted in such a friendly and supportive manner that I never felt self conscious while learning how to run. With Coach Louie’s support I was made to feel proud of my achievements, regardless of their size.
— Loren, Ballarat VIC

It is done in a supportive environment and I will be there to answer your questions and give you advice every step along the way.  I will be able to analyse your current running form and give you feedback, tips and support to help you when life comes along to challenge you and your training schedule.

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Face to face training sessions are held on Thursday mornings at 6:30am.

See our Group Training for more information about this and other training sessions.


We train at various locations around Ballarat.

How much?

From as little as $6.25 per session as part of your membership.

Casual sessions are $15.  Purchase a casual session from our SHOP

For me the thought of running with a group was challenging and I always felt self conscious, but the encouragement and support I have received from Coach Louie and the others in Project Run has given me the confidence I needed and being ‘coached’ has been a positive experience
— Yasmin, BALLARAT