Casual Group Session - 5 pack


Casual Group Session - 5 pack


This can be gifted or used by the purchaser for any of the group sessions held in Ballarat.

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Group sessions include:

RUNFIT – Strong

Sessions designed to build strength and fitness to enhance your running.  Techniques used include; hill reps, stair running, high intensity interval training and interval running.  Strength work undertaken is related to building strength for running.


Sessions are designed to build cardio fitness and running technique.  These sessions will be held at an athletics track and will focus on interval training as well as establishing best practice running technique.


Sessions are designed to build running endurance capacity through longer distance running.  A mixture of trail, road, hilly and flat courses will be used and a distance option will be available to suit the distance you are training for. 

PROJECT RUN – Back to Basics

Sessions are designed for beginner runners or those returning to running after a break.  They will focus on basic running principles and assist you to build your running fitness, establish good running practices and build your confidence in your running ability.

PROJECT RUN – Pram Runners

Sessions are designed to be family friendly allowing parents or carers of small children to participate in running training under the guidance and support of a coach.  Sessions will be held at locations suitable for pram running and will include interval training to help build running fitness.